Our Vision Is

To be the ultimate trusted advisor in helping clients identify and realize their vision, goals and overall purpose in life and in business

We Do This By:

  • Inspiring, coaching, guiding and managing: ¬†entrepreneurs, business owners, families and executives as well as high-performing teams maximizing their value in all seasons of the business including start-up, growth, maturity, consolidation, re-invention and exit.
  • Defining, planning and implementing legacy planning so business owners, their heirs and future generations as well as non-family executives or managers recognize maximum benefit.

Our Values

In everything we do, CoVergence Group strives to elevate five key core values:

  • Faith: The foundation upon which CoVergence Group stands.
  • Integrity: Doing what we say, saying what we mean, and fulfilling our promises to our families, teammates and clients.
  • Authenticity:¬†Being known for transparency and sincerity of heart.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Performing to the best of our ability with an unwavering positive attitude regardless of the situation or circumstances.
  • Loyalty: Building trust with consistent repetition.
We find these values paramount when coaching and advising clients about the future and passing forward a legacy