Man speaking

In leadership, I have come to embrace this fact: there is nothing new under the sun. There is no newly developed leadership style to enhance your success despite what the infomercials say. There are no new magic words to entice people to come under your authority and follow you as a leader. There are no new epiphanies on how to manage people, and there are no new personality quirks appearing in your staff that leaders have not dealt with since the beginning of time.

There is only new packaging.

In my years of business leadership and coaching business owners through the various transitions they face, I have developed a list of ideal commonalities found in leaders who seem to have the best staying power:

  • If you are doing something worthy, with vision and passion that fuels your ambition and drive towards success, people will follow.
  • If you treat others with kindness, respect, truth and dignity, and own up to mis-steps and mistakes – even when you falter as a leader, your team will still be there and rally to help you get things back on track.
  • When difficult times come, a leader will be the first to go into the storm, and they will lead their team through to the other side, out of the storm.
  • There is no staying power in a leader without genuine gratitude. People will stay if you treat them the way you want to be treated. Say “Please” and “Thank You” with true appreciation and you will develop a loyal following.

As we enter this next year, regardless of where we are in business or in life, there is always room for improvement in how we manage, lead and relate to others. My faith, family and friends are high on my list of priorities this year, as I seek to deepen not only my faith, but also the relationship with my family and closest friends. Having such a support structure in place for leaders is crucial to success and significance.