“Our days are numbered. One of the primary goals in our lives should be to prepare for our last day. The legacy we leave is not just in our possessions, but in the quality of our lives.”
– Billy Graham

Someday, you will leave behind a legacy. By definition, your personal legacy is NOT just the “stuff” you accumulate. Your values, traditions and attributes define who you are and determine the legacy you will pass forward from generation to generation. This is your family tree.

We all desire to know that our life holds meaning and that we create a positive, lasting impact in the lives of others, specifically our family, friends and members from our communities. We also hold a deep desire within us to transfer our blood, sweat, tears, dreams, vision, values, heart and last, but certainly not least, assets to some combination of the following: the next generation, other family members, friends or charitable organizations that share our passion.

We don’t want our life’s work to go to waste; we want someone to benefit from it. How do we effectively transfer that value, whereby both the financial and non-financial elements of legacy pass by intentional design?

Family Legacy Plan

Legacy Planning begins with the big picture strategy or the Family Legacy Plan. Before you work on the nuts and bolts of a plan to transfer assets, it is essential you have in place an active Family Legacy Plan. We have developed a five-step process to guide your family in creating your own Family Legacy Plan by helping you to identify your family’s values, vision, gifts, relationships, brand and assets.

For more information, see the Family Legacy Plan. We also encourage you to pick up a copy of Guy Hatcher’s book: Your Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money. Unlike other CFP® professionals, in his book, Guy communicates with authenticity the unique financial and non financial aspect of Legacy Planning.

Estate Planning, Financial Planning and Investment Management

Legacy Planning would not be complete without offering practical solutions in the areas of Strategic Planning, Estate Planning, and Investment Management. These solutions are vital to the management and transfer of assets because they take on importance as they become a component of one’s life journey.

Working alongside the same CoVergence team in addition to a seasoned, extended team of additional professionals (see our Collaborative Team Approach), our affiliate Advanced Planning serves daily served clients  in each of these areas. The ultimate goal is to help you evaluate the choices to preserve your legacy for the next generation.

We practice proven, straightforward processes aimed at protecting your family tree, through the delivery of our services:

  • Proven Process

  • Phase of Planning

  • The Personal Financial Census™
  • Financial Planning
  • The Diversification Strategy®
  • Investment Management
  • The Investment Filter™
  • Investment Management
  • From Generation to Generation®
  • Estate Planning
  • The Transfer Process®
  • Estate Planning
  • The Wealth Review™
  • Financial Planning, Estate Planning & Investment Management


Benefit Planning

Restructuring your Retirement Strategies and Executive Benefits could help increase overall company productivity by aligning employee interests with corporate goals.

Your ability to motivate, reward and retain your best employees directly impacts the value of your business and whether or not you succeed.

Take advantage of changes in the tax code to leverage significant benefits for you and your key employees and in the process receive a tax deduction.

Download our PDF on Defined Benefit Planning and see how we’ve busted some common myths about utilizing Defined Benefit Plans and how this may affect your company.

Additional Options for Benefit Planning:

  • Retirement Planning / 401k
  • Cross-Tested Defined Benefit / Defined Contribution Plan
  • Qualified Retirement Plans – Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Executive Bonus Plan