Sell Side Representations

At Covergence Group, we never enter a legacy planning, business transition planning, coaching or management consulting engagement with the assumption your business must be sold. For example, in a family-owned business, there is typically a goal to pass the company onto the next generation. We understand if you are in Start Up you just started down the new exciting journey of building a business and your mindset is not on the sale of your company.

One day, however, the owner ship structure of every enterprise will change. CoVergence Group not only can help you plan for this day with Business Transition Planning but also represent you in the transaction.

If we have not already done so through the Business Transition Planning Process CoVergence will help you define the exit strategy. We begin sell side representation by conducting preliminary discussions with ownership, exploring the goals and objectives, including valuation expectations and desired outcomes. We review with ownership the steps involved in completing a transaction as well as process expectations.

Once ownership decides to sell, a formal engagement letter is completed. This initiates the analysis phase of the process, which includes a document and information request of the client. CoVergence Group completes a quantitative and qualitative analysis to package together a confidential selling memorandum.

With the assistance of management, our team compiles a list of potential buyers and develops a strategy to attract buyers. CoVergence Group interviews, filters and works with potential buyers to present only those offers that will align with the sellers’ goals and objectives, which usually translates into the highest price at the best possible terms.

In situations where the buyer is identified prior to our involvement, we provide assistance with transaction structuring and negotiation by providing in-depth analysis based on supportable data.

Buy Side Representation

For those companies seeking to grow inorganically through acquisition, perhaps as part of the company’s Strategic Planning Process, CoVergence Group works with management to clearly define an acquisition strategy if one has not been previously defined. CoVergence Group conducts a search for target companies with certain attributes. The next step is to contact potential acquisition targets to initiate a dialogue to determine if exit is an option for the company. If there is interest, CoVergence obtains and analyzes relevant financial information of the target to develop an offer to acquire the company. Once the offer has been negotiated and accepted, CoVergence assists the buyer through the due diligence process and through the close of the transaction.