If it hadn’t been for Guy, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I was referred to him through a mutual friend, and after some time in getting to know him and what his business could do for my situation, I had the confidence I needed to know that he would do the right thing. He was very knowledgeable through the whole process of transferring our business to a third-party, and it was a big relief having him as our go-to person through this whole transaction. I would certainly recommend him.
Jan Hill
We have known Guy Hatcher for over a decade. As a financial investment manager of our personal life savings and business finances, he has proven to be imminently knowledgeable in his industry and keenly perceptive in sharing an appropriate vision which was always in our best interest. He is a proven man of high integrity. As a life coach, Guy ‘s wisdom and insight shine through as his keenly perceptive counsel is generously shared. Likewise, Stirling Vineyard is a man of great intelligence, acumen and character. We have personally and professionally been the beneficiaries of both of these men’s expertise and guidance. Their genuine caring attitude about the person goes well beyond their professional needs.pbh
David and Terri Green, Owners of PBH Residential Care Homes, LP / PBH Investments, LLC
Guy’s counsel inspires confidence and he got us going in the right direction. His guidance helped us decide what the best solution was for our situation. I don’t give my trust easily, but I found Guy honest, trustworthy, helpful, and a very nice person to deal with.
Sylvette Browning
I know, not only can I trust Guy Hatcher, but all my clients can as well. Guy is the only advisor I recommend to my clients, and I’m happy to say I would recommend him to anyone.
Barry Kevil, CPA